What we have done

Cicero Tour

This is tour application, a tourist can choose a tour from hundreds of available tours, if chosen some tour, a request is generated to Guide who can accept/ cancel the request. PayPal has been integrated as a payment option. This application is developed fully by JangooDev including Android, iOS, Web admin panel, RESTful APIs.

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This is a vehicle/cab/taxi sharing application where an individual can share his/her own ride with someone else. Others can also join a ride by requesting the ride owners. Users can create their own rides from one point to another point (starting point and destination). Here are links of applications.

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Voice Blast

VoiceBlast allows you to send audio recordings by text or email instantly. You can send your audio file to one or multiple contacts as well as create groups. Immediately after your recording it will send through text or email. VoiceBlast offices a favorite section so you do not have to search through contacts each time you want to send a dictation. This is a great business tool that will help improve your communication to clients, employees and anyone else you need to talk to. The Pro Version allows you to send as many contacts as you want, create unlimited groups and record for an unlimited amount of time.

Nunchucks: How To

Beginner to Advanced practitioners can learn something about the single and double nunchuck (nunchaku, nunchux, chucks, chux)

You learn basic handling, strikes, stalls, catches, finger rolls, double throws, wrist rolls and many tricks of the weapon Bruce Lee made famous, from Master Instructor Lee Barden.

Pro Chux is a nunchaku concept system based on mathematical Lissajous curves. Lissajous-do teaches that nunchaku techniques are performed in circular, flowing, and continuous motions. According to the system, these flowing movements naturally occur within all nunchaku techniques and can be applied to any weapon including empty hand combat.

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My Coach'in - French

This application is a fitness application. You can use the exercises already programmed in the application. You can access more than 100 exercises already ready for use, schedule your sessions in the calendar, organize your training schedule by scheduling your sessions in advance and access it once the day comes.Moreover, you can view all of your scheduled sessions in the vertical or horizontal calendar.

For the most experienced of you create your own exercises and save them in the category or categories of your choice!

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Instasave HD

Instasave HD is everything you want IG to be. Save to roll and share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, IG, messages and email.

Instasave HD made to work as a native iOS application with intuitive user experience and a focus on the most wanted features and easy to use design.

Instasave HD Lite is a free application to browse IG and if you pay $2.99 to upgrade you get a camera with effects and adjustments before you send your photos to IG. Instasave HD comes standard with the camera and photo editor.

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